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This publication contains nearly 150 key indicators in Puerto Rico’s economy, and compares data from the most recent month with the preceding month, and with the same month from the previous year. It also features a cumulative, year-to-date analysis for all of the indicators, and a comparison with the same period from the prior year.

 Monthly Indicators updated as of October 3, 2017 (PDF)

This report contains a selection of nearly 150 key indicators in Puerto Rico's economy, and for comparison purposes presents monthly data for the last ten years. Major indicators include, among others, labor, prices, manufacturing, and trade data.

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Updated as of October 3, 2017

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This monthly report features a commentary on the Economic Activity Index (EAI), a coincident index for the economy of Puerto Rico. The EAI is a valuable tool that summarizes the behavior of four major monthly economic indicators: total non-farm payroll employment, cement sales, gasoline consumption, and electric power generation.

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