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The Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority (P3A) is spearheading the transfer of much-needed investments for Puerto Rico’s infrastructure, looking to transform our economy by securing private capital for public projects. We are building a more robust, smarter, and stronger Puerto Rico. To achieve this, we execute strategic commercial efforts with meticulously chosen partners based on their credentials to provide the most efficient services for everyone.

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Featured Projects

The P3A is leading Puerto Rico’s economic transformation as a powerful vehicle led by private capital, ensuring effective administration to optimize government services. Since 2017, Puerto Rico has launched multiple P3 projects to guarantee economic sustainability and amplify private investment.

Discover the projects that will help build a better, stronger, smarter, and more resilient Puerto Rico.

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Request for Qualifications (RFQ): See document

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Shortlisted Proponents:

  • Duke Energy Corporation

  • ATCO Ltd, IEM and Quanta Services

  • PSEG Services Corporation

  • Exelon Corporation
  • Electric Power Transmission &
    Distribution System
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    Project Summary: Improve electricity power transmission and distribution system as well as increase resilience and reliability that will also help deliver low-cost electricity for customers in Puerto Rico.

    Scope of Work: A long-term contract for the utility's management and operation of the Island's electric power transmission and distribution system.

    Impact:To provide customers with affordable, sustainable and reliable power, to achieve an electric system adequately withstand future extreme weather and man-made events and to transform the facilities into a best-in-class power service.

    Slide Desirability and Convenience Study (D&C): See document

    Request for Qualifications (RFQ): See document

    Other Documents: RFQ Addendum #1, RFQ Addendum #2, RFQ Addendum #3, RFQ Addendum #4, RFQ Addendum #5, D&C Public Notice, RFQ Public Notice

    Transaction Highlights: See document

    Partnership Report: See Document

    O&M Agreement: See document

    Shortlisted Proponents:

  • Balearia Caribbean Inc.

  • HMS Ferries, Inc.

  • Priority Roro Services, Inc.

  • Puerto Rico Fast Ferries, LLC.

  • Seastreak, LLC.

    Project Summary: An effort to significantly improve and modernize the municipal ferry service provided in the key routes of Cataño-San Juan and Ceiba-Vieques-Culebra, and to reduce the government subsidy of the current maritime transportation system.

    Scope of Work: An operations, maintenance and financing contract that includes the current service from Ceiba, as well as online ticketing and ferry status information for added passenger convenience.

    Impact: Increase reliability of the ferry system to provide a better service for the residents of Vieques and Culebra, while boosting an important sector of Puerto Rico’s tourism economy, with visits by thousands of local and international passengers per year.

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    How to become a Qualified Advisor?

    Find out the specific requirements for consideration to become a “Qualified Consultant” under the government of Puerto Rico’s public policy on Public-Private Partnerships.

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