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Omar J. Marrero, Esq.

Omar J. Marrero obtained a B.B.A. with a double major in Accounting and Finance from the University of Dayton (Ohio). He earned a Juris Doctor from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. After completing his law degree and passing the bar with one of the most outstanding scores, he went on to obtain an L.L.M. in Corporate Law from New York University. Marrero is also admitted to the New York State bar.

During the course of his professional career; Marrero has worked with local and international banks, and has served in the Government, Academia and law firms.

During the past ten years, Marrero has acted as a transactional and regulatory attorney in the areas of corporate and finance law, capital markets, real estate and infrastructure; and government affairs. His experience includes participating in the financing of the six-star hotel in Puerto Rico, multiple corporate reorganizations, complex financing transactions, and public-private partnerships, as well as providing advice to several governments entities.

Marrero served as Secretary of the Department of Consumers Affairs of Puerto Rico under the administration of former Governor Luis Fortuño. In addition, for seven years he has also served as adjunct professor of the School of Law of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, teaching corporate law courses.

In July 2021, Marrero was appointed Secretary of State by Governor Pedro Pierluisi. Marrero was confirmed by the Legislative Assembly as Secretary of State in November 2021. In addition, since 2019 Marrero has served as Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority, leading Puerto Rico debt restructuring efforts and other fiscal and economic efforts.

Previously, Marrero served as Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Ports Authority, from January 2017 to March 2018, and also, from January 2017 to July 2019, as Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Conventions District Authority, and Executive Director of Puerto Rico Public Private Partnerships Authority (P3A). He also served as Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. And from February 2018 to July 2019, he acted as the Governor’s Authorized Representative (GAR) before FEMA and Executive Director of the efforts of the Central Office of Recovery and Reconstruction (COR3), which is attached to the P3A.

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